Black Ballad

Black Ballad

Digital media that reaches, engages & understands black women globally.


Black women are misrepresented continuously throughout the media & mass market brands. Yet in a competitive digital environment increasingly shaped by personalisation and choice and that is enabling globally focused communities, platforms & brands, black women have few, if any trusted sources of media for lifestyle or entertainment information.

The result is that there are few options for brands that want to reach, engage or understand black audiences & communities


Black Ballad uses digital media to provide entertainment, while simultaneously building a proprietary & unprecedented dataset that captures the consumer behaviours of black women, which enhances the media business, while providing the IP to power an insights business for brands that want to reach, engage or understand black audiences


The target market is black women aged 25-45, based in Europe, with a growing audience base internationally.

Between the age of 25-45, there are some 400,000 blac kwomen in England and Wales. Despite the global market being hard to determine, data shows there are c.12m afro-Europeans and c.150m African diaspora globally


Forbes 30 Under 30 (Media & Marketing) 2018
Founders Factory Accelerator 2019
Deutsche Bank Awards For Creative Entrepreneurs 2019
Membership Puzzle Project Grantee 2019
NESTA / Bethnal Gree Future of News Grantee 2020


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UN Sustainable Development Goals

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