Revolutionising workplace stress management using biometrics and data science.


According to the WHO, workplace stress costs the global economy $1 trillion a year in lost productivity. Yet it is NOT stress itself that is the problem, but rather our physiological and psychological ability to cope – our stress management – that has been compromised by both poor lifestyles that inhibit individual resilience and unnecessary work stressors that limit organisational performance. In order to better manage our natural stress response we first need an accurate and reliable, real-time measure of stress and an interpretation of how it is impacting commercial metrics.


BioStress is revolutionising workplace stress management by using advanced biometric data to deliver improvements in wellbeing and productivity. Working with leading scientists at UCL, King’s and Bath University, we have created our ground-breaking BIO programme that objectively measures workplace stress and correlates it with performance. Employees receive personalised insights and help to better manage their stress and boost individual resilience and employer organisations receive aggregated insights from anonymised data to identify and design interventions to address unnecessary workplace stressors. The combination of these delivers significant ROI in terms of reduced sickness absence and greater staff retention, engagement, recruitment, and productivity.


£150K Innovate UK funding
£150K equity investment


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