Banana Scoops

Banana-based, vegan ice cream made from natural and plant-based ingredients.


There is an increasing demand for healthier, natural ice cream. Over 50% of consumers are concerned with artificial sweeteners and additives and the dairy-free ice cream market is set to grow to £1 billion by 2024. Despite this, there are still very limited options for healthy ice cream as most available options are made with unhealthy and processed ingredients. In 2018, 21% of new ice cream launches were healthier versions (Mintel, 2018). Moreover, 67% of launches were in a tub format. Globally, there are a few brands in the US, Canada and Australia selling banana-based ice cream but none in the UK apart from us! We really think this allows plenty of space for Banana Scoops to succeed in the UK market.


Our ice cream offers our customer a healthy alternative to traditional ice cream by using natural and plant-based ingredients and avoiding preservatives, artificial ingredients and sugars. Perfectly designed in mind for young families and healthy eaters, who are crazing healthier and nutritious desserts.


We foresee two stages of growth. We will initially focus on healthy consumers, those that go to boutique gyms, care about what they eat, read ingredients labels, shop in premium food stores. They very carefully watch what they eat. In our second stage of growth, we’d look to establish the brand more widely by appealing to a wider consumer base that is looking for healthier alternatives, including young families and urban professionals looking for new and healthy products.


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