Automations radically changing the way SMEs engage with digital advertising.


Data indicates that SMEs struggle to do digital advertising. Or those that do, spend a lot of money or time to do it. Some are also afraid to do it because they don’t know how effective it can be, and what impact this will have on their working capital.


Our software offers customers the ability to advertise at a very high quality, but without the high cost, time and knowledge commitment, by automating the advertising workflow. This includes using an initial data sweep of the client to assess the best type of advertising campaign to run.


We are targeting SMEs that currently run digital advertising as they already see the value in digital and have made the transition. We have taken a summary of what verticals SMEs break down into across the UK. We have then cross referenced this against verticals that we know need to advertise based on other data sets. So, our initial target will be SMEs that currently advertise that sit in the following sectors: Retail, Financial and Insurance, Accommodation & Food, Administrative and Support service, Professional and Scientific.


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